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Julia Iliadis

Julia Iliadis

Balancing Passion and Reality

Born, raised and living in Greece, Julia Iliadis is a dedicated writer with a passion for education, writing and art.

She has worked in the field of psychosocial health for 28 consecutive years and has attended many seminars and training programmes on "experiential therapy", "causes of drug addiction", "counselling of vulnerable groups" etc, from personal interest and in relation to her work with drug addicts, while she has also attended courses in Sociology at the EAP-Hellenic Open University.

Alongside her ongoing professional commitments, she has actively studied and practised Western Astrology as a self-taught astrologer since her teenage years, and in the 1990s attended a number of courses and seminars at the Mayo School of Astrology to complement and enrich her knowledge, as well as studying and attending astrology courses with various professional astrologers.

Since 2008 she has also been systematically studying, philosophizing and analysing Chinese methods and techniques in astrology and Feng Shui.

As Julia Iliadis has been a collector of experiences, images, emotions and knowledge throughout her life, constantly acquiring new interests and constantly seeking new emotions, she ends up learning new skills and thus faces new challenges. It is her way of keeping her life and her creative wheels in motion. Thus, she is also actively involved in art and creativity.

Of course, reconciling her artistic dreams with her professional duties was really difficult. She was constantly torn between her inner critic and her inner dreamer. But it helped her learn and grow. Even when her inspiration waned, she never gave up exploring self-taught techniques and attending workshops. Writing is her forte, but painting is where her heart beats red.

The sum of all her knowledge, experience and quest is expressed through her current professional activity, which is writing books according to her interests and experiences, but above all through her rich imagination and creativity and the creation of works of art, both physical and digital.

As a writer, she specializes in creating engaging content for preschool and primary school children, creating books that not only engage and excite young minds, but also provide valuable exercises and activities that foster a love of learning in her readers. With a unique blend of creativity and educational insight. She has also written books on astrology, both Western and Chinese.

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