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Collections of NFTs

  • Color Explosion

    My love for colors was the catalyst for my passion for art, as well as my inspiration for this collection. I created twenty pieces that were both naturally and digitally processed, so they can decorate and enhance your favorite spaces and moments in life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while creating them.

  • Fruits of Amalthea

    Fruits of Amalthea

    A fun PFPs collection created one by one, digitally using the collage method and a lot of imagination. Only 100 graphics are included in the collection. In each graphic there are 2 copies but rarely there is only one copy. There are 7 rare pieces in the collection

  • Secret Garden collection of NFTs

    Secret Garden

    The secret garden of our deepest repressions, desires and dark thoughts that take the form of strange creatures.

    My inspiration for this collection was those deep hidden corners of our soul. It is made up of 20 PFPs items, 10 with creatures and objects from the Secret Garden and a further 10 with snapshots from it.

  • Crowded Cities Peaceful Villages

    I really like images of everyday urban and natural landscapes, so I created this collection in dialogue with artificial intelligence in a watercolor style, which is a very charming way of rendering painted images